Winter Wonderland Gift Shop

* No hassle Inventory / No Counting program 

* 100% on Consignment.  

* Pay only for the items you sell.                                                                       
* Most gifts are priced under $5.00.                
* Gifts for all family members.
* We customize your holiday gift store to your needs.  
* Beautiful gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day.
* Coded merchandise and cash registers are available.
* We offer a great selection of merchandise for your school's fair.
* Sign-up incentives & after sales bonuses.
* Free shopping supplies for your school's holiday gift shop.

* Great assortment of gifts for Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa.

* Safe (not a door to door fundraiser) for all elementary schools.

* Free delivery and pick-up on all Holiday Boutique merchandise for your gift shop. 


Your children will learn the joy of giving and making memories during the holidays 


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 Our program is Safe, Educational for kids , Affordable and Convenient for parents !!!!!!
               The Nation's Best Kids's Secret Gift Shoppe




  Do you want to be a part of making lifetime memories for your students and their family and friends?   Winter Wonderland wants to help you host an in-school holiday fair at your school all on consignment!  We can help you make those memories possible!  We can supply your school with a fall Holiday Fair or a spring Mother’s Day Boutique or Father’s Day Fair or perhaps all 3!  It is easy, convenient, and does not require any out of pocket expense or running around. Even the shipping is free!  We know that life as a PTA/PTO/HSA parent is extremely busy.  Trying to take care of your own obligations along with all those that your school is expecting of you is hard to handle.  We have been working very hard to help you run your in-school holiday fair as simple as possible. Let your children experience picking out their own gifts for their family and friends and allowing them to learn to budget their money wisely and experience the joy of giving.  They love to hide their gifts and surprise everyone with them.  The smiles on their faces are priceless and they are so proud that they are able to do this on their own.  No more trips to the mall to pick out last minute gifts.


The children can shop in a safe environment in school. The items are very reasonable with at least 85% of them that are $5 or less. $10 can provide gifts for all family members and friends. Winter Wonderland has years of experience in helping schools run their in-school holiday gift shops. Let us help make your in-school holiday fair a great success with little effort from you and your board and no running around to buy anything! Our gifts are all hand selected with tender loving care. We not only look for quality but affordability in each item.


  Our "no inventory" hassle free return policy makes it quick and easy. Most parent organizations just return all of  their unsold merchandise and we do their return inventory and send their school an invoice for only the merchandise that their school sold.  This is a very convenient program and allows the parents to get back to their own holiday obligations.  Your organization only has to decide on the dates of your fair and have volunteers available to assist you. The merchandise is delivered at your convenience; set up is quick and easy. You decide on pricing, we provide the rest: parent letters, money envelopes, posters, tablecloths, and bags for the gifts, all at no additional cost!  We also supply our schools with coded merchandise and programmed  cash register at no additional cost to you!

            Give your children the opportunity to decide on the gifts they want to give their family members. It will be a great accomplishment for them and the gifts will be especially treasured because the child chose them all by themselves.  Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by. Each time you look back on the gifts that your own child gave you, no matter how old they are it will bring back that special memory from when they were little and handed it to you!  Winter Wonderland is here to help you and your children make those lasting memories!!





The In-School Gift Shop may go by many different names: Holiday Boutique, Santa Secret Gift Store, School Store, In School Holiday Shop, Christmas Fair, Jingle Bell Shoppe, School Holiday Bazaar, Consignment School Shoppe, Gingerbread Fair, Young Kid's Consignment Store, School Holiday Boutique, etc.

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winterwonderlandgiftshop flyer -2

In school holiday virtual,traditional nd hybrid shop

Gifts For Mom, school holiday shop
Gifts For Mom, school holiday shop

"In School Holiday Gift Shop, Santa Secret School gift Fair, Christmas Bazaar"

Gifts For Sports Fans, bazaar,fairs
Gifts For Sports Fans, bazaar,fairs

"In School Holiday Gift Shop, Santa Secret School Gift Fair,Christmas Bazaar"

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winterwonderlandgiftshop flyer -2

In school holiday virtual,traditional nd hybrid shop