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About us:

Our company's mission is to provide elementary schools with a safe, easy and profitable in-school holiday gift shoppe.  Our focus is to build a long term relationship with your school and your holiday gift shoppe committee. Our company takes pride in our well-trained staff, dedicated to providing you with an exceptional level of customer service and support throughout your Holiday Fair. Our holiday gift shoppe professionals will work with you to help make your gift shoppe experience a memorable one. Our most important mission is to help you provide a safe environment for your children to shop for their family and friends!


“In-School Holiday Gift Shop, Holiday Boutique, Santa Secret Gift Store, Christmas Fair, School Holiday Bazaar, Consignment School Shoppe”

Setting Up Your Holiday Shop / Fair:

1. Book your holiday fair early.


2. Choose an appropriate location.


3. Organize your committee.


4. Promoting your holiday fair is easy.


5. Your merchandise delivery should be early.


6. Inventory and pricing is easy.


7. Setting up your fair is simple.  


8. When the children arrive to shop. Make sure they have enough time to enjoy themselves.


9. Reorders are easy.


10. When your fair is complete do a final inventory.

Supplies Included with Every Winter Wonderland Gift Shop

FREE Information letter for parents.
FREE Budget envelopes.
FREE Decorated tablecloths and posters.
FREE Gift bags and plastic carry-home bags.

Our  program also known as the in-school Christmas/holiday boutique, holiday fundraiser, kids’ holiday store, elementary school Christmas fairs – are a superb and motivating way for elementary schools to provide a supervised, fun, safe and disciplined holiday shopping day for the students. We always have a huge selection of high quality products, backed up by our super friendly customer service. Our staff consists of highly qualified representatives, who have been in the Fund Raising industry for over 17 years. If your elementary school is interested in running a risk-free holiday Gift  shop this year, you’ve come to the right place.  As our goal is to make running a holiday in-school fair as easy as possible for you.




“Our School's Holiday Shop was a great success thanks to your company! The no inventory program was terrific! In addition, the coded merchandise with the cash register made our lives so much easier. See you guys again next year. Thank You Very Much

Mary Beth - South Carolina


"We were having trouble finding a holiday shop this year. We were able to find your link on the PTO today website, and looked you up. We are so happy that we did.  Your products are great! Very good quality and priced right.  We our holiday fair during the day and then an event at night. When the cars drove down the lane near our school and saw the 8 reindeers on the lawn they knew they were at the holiday fair!  They were so excited! It was great to see all the smiles on all the little kids’ faces.  See you next year."

"We could not decide on what to do for our children for the Christmas Holiday. Your gift shoppe was the perfect choice.  The prices were great and everyone loved your product selection. We set it up in different stations, kids, ladies, men’s, holidays.  Very easy. Thanks."



Margaret- New York


“In-School Holiday Gift Shop, Holiday Boutique, Santa Secret Gift Store, Christmas Fair, School Holiday Bazaar, Consignment School Shoppe”
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