The Benefits of School Holiday Shops for Students and parents!

When you decide to launch holiday shopping programs at your local school, it immediately becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. The students get a great opportunity to purchase high quality gifts at an affordable price for friends and family. At Winter Wonder land Gift Shop our Santa’s Secret Shop and The Holiday Gift Shop programs are available to students at the school, providing students with a safe and comfortable environment to shop for the holidays. School holiday shops can also be an educational experience. Teachers can use this as a teaching opportunity to talk about saving money, budgeting for holiday gifts and applying basic math principles of addition and subtraction f

Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids about Giving at the Holidays

Simple Ways to Teach Kids about Giving at the Holidays Boy giving mom a drawing.Most of us hope that our children understand the joy of giving, but with Santa and wish lists and presents, it’s challenging to shift kids away from the focus on receiving. Here are a few of my favorite ways to teach children about giving, and they might even learn some important organizing lessons along the way! Involve your children in the gift-giving process. Show them how to make a gift list for their family, friends and teachers. Children love to spend time with you, so find a craft or kitchen project that will allow you to make these gifts together. There are many easy ideas here for gifts that kids can mak

PTA – The “P” is for Passion and  Your potential is beyond measure

PTA – The “P” is for Passion and Your potential is beyond measure Montana PTA What is passion? The dictionary says it is “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.” Another definition that I tend to like more says, “Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it.” Now, what does passion mean to you? We are all busy and have mastered the art of doing enough to get by. For instance, I throw a frozen pizza in the oven and call it “dinner,” instead of making the dough fresh, tossing that homemade dough in the air, crushing homegrown tomatoes into a rich pizza sauce; arranging the ingredients on the pizza in a way that will allow each hungry diner a perfect bit

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