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Halloween Safety in and Around Motor Vehicles!

Injuries in and around motor vehicles increase significantly during the holiday season. In fact, Halloween is a time when incidents happen at the highest rates. Take extra precaution to ensure that your children are safe on sidewalks, driveways, side-streets and roadways while trick-or-treating.

Remember, no matter the size of your vehicle, there are blind zones that will hide the presence of a child behind, next to or in front of your vehicle.

Here are quick Halloween safety tips:

Some blind zones are bigger than the average driveway. When moving your vehicle, be sure your child or any child in the neighborhood is not in one of your blind zones.

Look around your vehicle. Before backing up your car, be sure to walk behind your vehicle; but keep in mind that by the time you start your vehicle a child could easily have moved behind your car. You can never be too vigilant.

Even if your vehicle is equipped with video and/or audio alert systems such as cameras or rear sensors, you must still look or listen for their warning and be sure to use your mirrors, check behind your vehicle and be sure your child is being actively supervised at all times. There is no such thing as being too careful.

Wear visible colors at night. Be sure your child’s costume is noticeable by choosing light colored costumes.

Take advantage of other safety gadgets. Take the extra step of attaching reflective tape and giving him or her a flashlight. Even if they are staying on the sidewalk, many homes turn the lights down to emphasize their Halloween spirit for the night.

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Halloween Safety in and Around Motor Vehicles!

Accompany your kids. Whether you are on a side-street or in a driveway, it is important that your child is always with an adult or on a sidewalk and not blocking a driveway.

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Halloween Safety in and Around Motor Vehicles!

Help spread the word about safety in and around motor vehicles and make this a safe Halloween. Let others know about the potential dangers. The National Youth and Consumer Safety Council informs and educates about child and consumer safety hazards; Council partner educates on dangers in and around motor vehicles.

For more information about this hazard and for additional safety information, safety alerts and recalls, go to Pass it on and save a life!


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